What is new in Angular 4.3

So, while expecting Angular 5, we are slowly getting there with the launch of Angular 4.3. We can say this is simply a minor update before the release of Angular 5. In Angular 5, we are expecting three themes which are simplicity, speed, and size with smooth updates. So, let’s see what are the features added and bugs fixed in this update?


What is new in Angular 4.3?

Though the Http Client Module is the major update in Angular 4.3, there are other updates in style, router, forms, and compiler as well. So, here we go with what is new in Angular 4.3


Http Client Module

Http Client Module is completely updated in this newer version. We can say it is the most important feature of this update. The old Http Client Module had some issues like for every request there were obligations to extract the JSON from the response. In older version of Http Client Module, there was no mechanism to handle request- response in a generic manner.


The Http Client Module of Angular 4.3 version solves all such problems and acts as an amazing alternative.


Now whenever the versions are upgraded, the main tension that comes to our mind is migration. Here, in Angular 4.3, you don’t need to worry much about migration. It is quite an easy process and mostly in order to migration, you will have to do deletion from your existing code.



Typescript 2.3 currently launched the concept of transformers in the Compiler API. So, coders can write their custom plugins which can be applied to the code compiled by tsc. Generally, this type of plugins won’t be written by common coders like us. Angular has its very own ngc compiler which wraps tsc.



In order to force a style down to child components, generally, the “/deep/(shadow- piercing Combinator) is used. This selector already had an alias “>>>” and now it has another one “::ng-deep”.


WARNING: Nowadays “/deep/” combinatory is going to be removed from all the main browsers and it has been disapproved from the Shadow DOM spec. This is the reason why Angular may drop their support for the same in future. So, it is highly recommended to use “::ng-deep” with emulated view encapsulation.



Now it’s easier to know when the resolver and the guards are run with newly added methods in Angular 4.3.

  • ResolveStart
  • ResolveEnd
  • GuardsCheckStart
  • GuardsCheckEnd



The validators min and max added in the version 4.2 are removed temporarily as they were breaking changes. We can expect them to be added in the major upcoming release.


Last but not the Least!!!

That’s all about this version. Angular lovers are eagerly waiting for the major update (Angular 5.0.0). We will be back with all the new and exciting changes done in the newer version until that keep sharing the article on all the social media profiles and your knowledge via the comment section. Don’t forget to share which updated feature you liked the most via the comment section. Stay connected to us.


Click here see the list of bug fixes and features.




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