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WebToBlog is a trademark for providing quality content about WordPress development, web design, Angular 4, tips for eCommerce business and web design and development tools. With providing useful and accurate information to our readers, we also take care of their privacy.


Here are the policies for your privacy while using WebToBlog. If you are not agreeing this policies, please do not use WebToBlog. Your usage of WebToBlog is the significance of your acceptance of these policies.


This privacy policy is the matter of change by the admin of WebToBlog. This is last modified on  07-JUNE-2017.


Why we Need to Collect your Information?

We collect your Name, E-mail address, and website URL in order to improvise our services and your user experience. This information can be collected via subscription form, comment form or any other form.


We may contact you using this information to make you updated with new content on our blog or to promote our products.


Usage of Cookies

We do not use the cookies of your browser, but Google can use DART cookies in order to show you ads based on the sites you visit, but no need to worry as it won’t use any of your personal information such as Name, Email or website URL.


Is Your Information Safe With Us?

Definitely, your information is safe with us. We do not disclose the information provided by you. In order to prevent unauthorized access to your information, we have put in place suitable procedures.


Linking to Other Websites

There are many websites linked from our website, in order to provide you deep and relevant information on a particular topic. If you find any content illegal on those linked websites then we are not responsible for that.


Comment Policy

We welcome your opinion which adds value to our knowledge sharing platform. The main aim of the comment section is to involve readers and have a discussion with the authors, but the comments which are added in order to spam the blog or insult anyone will be deleted.


Contact Us

If you have any issue or doubt with our privacy policy, feel free to contact us via any of the mentioned medium. Contact us