bootstrap 4 beta version

If you are anyhow connected with the field of web development, this news of the launch of Bootstrap 4 Beta version is the great news for you. We all know Bootstrap is one of the best frameworks for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When it comes to responsive and mobile friendly websites, Bootstrap is developer’s first choice.


After the efforts of two years, finally bootstrap has launched the beta version of Bootstrap 4. In that time, Bootstrap has been through many major changes like 5,000 commits, changes of 650+ files, the addition of 67,000 lines, and deletion of 82,000 lines.


What is the Beta Version?

Cutting it in short, Beta version is nothing but the solution of some issues in older version until the major updated version (i.e. Bootstrap 5) get released.


If you are new to the Bootstrap then there is nothing to worry as the updated versions are always easier, but if you have used the alpha releases of Bootstrap 4, then here is the list of changes which are introduced in Bootstrap 4 beta version.


What’s new in Bootstrap 4 Beta version?

Less to SASS

Now the compilation of code is faster than ever in Bootstrap and the credit goes to Libsass. They have jointed the large community of SASS developers with the Bootstrap.


Improved grid system and Flexbox

Bootstrap is now completely moved to flexbox. To better target mobile devices, a new grid tier is added.


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Enhanced Feature of cards

Cards are an extremely new component to Bootstrap. Cards will do almost everything what wells, panels, and thumbnails do but in a better way.


Amazing customization option

Now you don’t need to relegate style embellishments such as gradients, transitions, shadows or grid classes to a separate style sheet as all those options are moved to SASS variables. So, you can simply update any variable and recompile the code.


Rewritten JavaScript plugins

To take the advantage of the newest JavaScript enhancements, every plugin has been rewritten in ES6 with all new teardown methods, option type checking, new methods and more.


New Build Tools

Instead of grunt, all the tools are rewritten in npm scripts which simplify the process of contributing and developing with Bootstrap.


Improved Documentation

The entire documentation is redesigned in such a way that makes it much easier to work with their documents. In the rewritten documentation, few handy plugins and examples are also added.


And much more…


The addition doesn’t stop here. Custom form controls, card, an overhauled navbar, responsive utility classes, HTML5 form validation styles and many more new components are included.


Final Verdict

While the launch of the Beta release, we can expect that slowly but surely Bootstrap is heading towards the major release of Bootstrap 5. So, right now what we can do is utilize all the updated functionalities of updated version and keep our web development projects updated. Which feature did you like the most in updated version the most? Let us know via the comment section and don’t forget that Sharing is Caring.


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