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Web designing has a direct connection with user experience. No matter how useful your content is, it will be all in vain if the interface is not convincing to your audience. Sometimes it may happen that the design which is driving you crazy as a designer can’t attract the real audience. To sustain in web design market, you need to be updated with all the available designs, tools, and available frameworks.


Frameworks have changed our vision for tradition HTML and CSS web designing. That is why Google introduced the standardization for all the web designers as Material Design. Google has taken a great initiative in this field and reached beyond the imagination of all the web designers. Google has applied this concept in all of their Android and web applications.


Google’s principle of material design is standard which should be followed for great user interface and user experience. But as it is independent standard, it is not compulsory to follow them strictly. You can use your own real and unique ideas as per the project because creativity is the only asset of any designer. If you don’t want to be in the head of the sheep and do the same thing every designer do, then do experiments as per your creativity with color selection and typography.


In order to simplify the designing task, some big designing houses have created the web development frameworks using the material designing guidelines. You don’t need to learn all of them. You can just master any of them and start the designing work in a better way. So, here we go with the list of the 9 best material design framework.


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These are open source frameworks so it won’t affect your pocket. You may select one over the other as per your requirement, preferences, and choices.





Materialize is the open source material design framework, following all the guidelines of Google’s material design. It was created by the students of Carnegie Mellon University.


This framework contains color, tables, typography, grids and helper classes as well. This Google material design framework includes some ready to use components like navbar, badges, pagination, cards, buttons etc. Some other javascript implemented components are also included in this package like dialogs, parallax, cards, transitions, tabs, modals etc.


Materialize is built using SASS, so you can download the source file and include CSS and components as required as per your project.



best material design framework


Material UI is another neatly built Google material design framework following Google’s guidelines for material design. This material UI framework was created by engineers at Call-Em-All and also used in their projects.


Why this is the best material design framework? Because it is free open source framework MIT license and the developers are actively updating this framework relative to the changes in material design guidelines.


Material UI framework components run on top of the Reactjs library of Facebook. This framework is little difficult for the non-programmers as it requires some core knowledge of JavaScript and JSX syntax and bit knowledge of react concept.


This framework is pretty easy to customize. You can easily override the style of almost every component by passing custom CSS classes as props to the components.


Angular Material

material design framework


When any person who is having good knowledge on Material UI Framework, list down the Best Material Design Frameworks, he will surely add Angular Material Framework in his list.


Yes, Angular Material is made by Angular team so that it can be easily integrated with your Angular Applications. In the component library of Angular Material, you can find any component you want. Some of the popular component categories are Form Controls, Navigations, Layout, Buttons & Icons, Popups & Modals and Data Tables are already there in Angular Material. You just need to use them in the proper way.


When it comes to performance on any website or web application, every millisecond counts. Angular Material is fully tested with every modern web browser for its performance.


Github is having good resources to learn Angular Material. You can learn Angular Material from Github easily with all available resources.


Material Design Lite

material design ramework

This Google material design framework works easily with the websites having static content, though it won’t create problem while implementing dynamic sites as well. Material Design Lite is an independent CSS library which doesn’t require any external resources.


With this best material design framework, you will get enormous choices of templates like the blogging template, text optimized templates, template for the dashboard and so on. With all these additional features, you will get all the common functionalities as well which you expect from any other Google material design framework.


The web pages those are developed by using Material Design Lite Framework will follow modern principles of web design which includes browser portability and device independent.


Material KIT

material design framework


Material Kit is a free open source Bootstrap UI inspired by Google’s material design. This Google material design framework uses light, surface, and movement. It uses various color choice, edge to edge imagery and a large variety of typography. In this framework, navigations are kept in the left and the actions are kept in the right.


The new design of Material Kit is the result of deep research related to ink and paper and the way material and other objects interact with each other in real life. Material Kit is the perfect choice in available frameworks if you are looking for creating a web presence for any android app and need to be consistent.


Bootstrap Material Design

best material design framework


This is something, especially for the bootstrap lovers. It is not purely a framework but a theme containing all the components designed as per the Google’s guideline for the material design. But this theme is easy to customize. You can make some small changes in the configuration and get the whole new different layout as per your requirement.


Bootstrap Material Design is the best material design framework because, with this material design web framework, you get every bootstrap element dipped in material design which includes nav bars, progress bars, sliders, panels, grid system and anything that is considered as material design.


Trust me. You don’t need to think twice about this framework if you don’t believe in creating a website from scratch. Download the theme and you are good to go for your next project.



best material design framework


MUI is under development framework. The MUI package is very small in size so your page can be loaded faster. This best material design framework is also customizable with the SASS files available on GitHub. You can customize break points, typography and color schemes as per Material design guideline.


MUI is the best material design framework because it is supported by all the platforms across the web, app, iOS, and Android. As this is the work in progress, you can surely give it a try in near future because the current road map looks promising.



best material design framework


Essence – A framework containing two concepts that are Material Design and a react.js library of Facebook. You get the amazing combo of faster web performance and optimal design specification. This is the real hard combination to find in other Google material design framework except Essence. All the material design components required for any projects are rebuilt through React.js in Essence. Essence will help you create an extra ordinary user interface and amazing user experience. This Google material design framework is easily available on the NPM so you can install it using a simple command.


Material Design with Polymer

best material design framework


Polymer is another framework from the list of the best material design framework. It is one of the cleanest implementation of Google material design framework. Polymer is a complete package of custom web components implementing Google’s material design. You get different elements required for your project like paper-button, paper checkbox, paper-dialog-base, paper-dialog-transition, dropdown menu, shadow and so on. You imagine anything in material design and that is available in this Material design web framework.


You can rely on this future proof material design web framework as it runs on web components.


Final Words

“Material Design” is a trending buzzword in web development market. There is no other option than implementing material design concept in your website or application. Framework for any new design concept is required to make the designing task easier. Many Google design frameworks are mushrooming in the market. You can choose the appropriate framework for your project and create the website or application as per the material design guideline. You don’t have to start your project from scratch if you are using material design web framework.


Let us know how you implement the material design concept with your project and which Google material design framework works best for you. Share your thoughts and problems via the comment section below. Feel free to share this article with your mates as well.