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Nowadays mobiles have reached every pocket and almost every task in this world is done on the finger tips whether that is money transfer, hotel booking, contacting any person on this planet earth or handling your bank account. As the utilities of mobiles increased, it became necessary to develop cross platform apps which run on any operating system whether that is an android, iOS or windows.


JavaScript is trending programming language for the front end of the web and mobile app development. Now you will have a question that why you should use JavaScript over other platforms? So, let me tell you some advantages of using JavaScript.


Advantages of JavaScript

Cost: Most of the frameworks of JavaScript are open source, which cut down the ultimate price for web app development.

Efficiency: Projects are not supposed to be built from scratch. Predefined functions and patterns make the achievement of goal faster.

Safety: Top JavaScript frameworks have strong security arrangements. All the frameworks are supported by an entire community.


You will find an enormous number of JavaScript frameworks developed for the app developers. Here I have listed 7 most popular JavaScript frameworks of 2017 for the web and mobile application.


So, what are we waiting for? Let’s go through the list and select any of these as per your requirements.


Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks



Angular is one of the most used JavaScript Web Application Framework among all other Top JavaScript Frameworks. It was launched in 2010 by Google and after the first release of Angular, its popularity keeps on increasing. Google keeps on releasing newer versions which are superb.


Google has released many versions of Angular time by time. So don’t be confuse between multiple versions. The first and initial version of Angular was Angular JS. After Angular JS, Google has also released Angular 2 and Angular 4.3 which is the most recent version of Angular.


Angular is mostly referred as MVW (Model View Whatever). Many of the mid-sized companies and newly launched start-ups are using Angular for quick development. Some of the benefits of Angular are Quick Coding, Easy Testing, dependency injection and two-way data binding. At Present time, I am sure you will defiantly see Angular as one of Best JavaScript Framework which is used for Single Page Applications.


Angular 4 comes with a big list of features which enables you to develop Desktop, Web and Mobile apps easily. Angular 4 is built for large organizations where huge projects and development is going on. Angular 4 is made with Typescript which makes JavaScript code more agile and suitable for large organizations.


There are many people who are still using Angular JS only but as the technology keeps on changing, I highly recommend you to learn Angular 4+.


You can find all documentation and support for Angular JS 4 from its official website.





best javascript framework

React JS is more of a JS library than a framework. This framework is also used in the interface of Facebook and Instagram. React JS is considered the most popular JavaScript frameworks.


In MVC architecture, React JS acts as “V” but still it can be easily integrated into any architecture. You get better performance compared to Angular with React JS. You can create, reuse and transfer the react component to the public with this framework.


React JS requires huge efforts for learning but it makes the app development easier and smoother. It is the best JavaScript framework for complex software solutions.


React JS is one of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks which is extremely efficient and good for SEO. Easy Writing of JavaScript, Awesome tools for Developers, Easy Test Case writing for UI and efficiency are eye catchy advantages of React JS. React JS is having few disadvantages as it is a bit hard to learn for any beginner and you will need some configurations to integrate React JS with other architecture.





top javascript framework

Don’t you think it will be great if you will find the Framework which is a combination of Angular, React and Ember?


Yes, it would be Awesome. So let me tell you about Vue JS which took best features of Angular, React and Ember. Vue JS is faster than Angular JS and React JS due to the features it has.


Some of the best features you can use from Vue JS are two-way data binding (took from Angular JS), Server Side Rendering (taken from React JS) and optional Support of JSX.


As per the Founder of Vue JS, it is the fastest framework among all top JavaScript Frameworks.


Vue JS is the Best JavaScript Framework for you if you are looking for Quick Application Development. Anyone who is expecting very high performance from the application should defiantly go for Vue JS.





best javascript framework

Backbone JS is the quite Old JavaScript Framework in the market. We can call Backbone as exceptional JavaScript Framework as it is very lightweight and able to serve any kind of need.


Some of the Biggest social media sites like Twitter and Pinterest are using Backbone JS as its versatility. Backbone JS was released in 2010 and since that time, it is working as one of the fastest JavaScript Web Application Framework.


Backbone JS offers MVC framework which contains data into models and DOM into views. When you need a better design with less code, you must go for Backbone JS as it is well organized and structured for any kind of development.


The best thing about Backbone JS is it is Open Source and provides more than 100 extensions. When you need high speed in any application, you should look forward to Backbone JS.





best javascript framework

Ember was called as most popular JavaScript Frameworks in 2015 but due to the increasing popularity of React JS and Angular JS, the popularity of Ember is degrade a bit but still, Ember is serving many development activities in the field of application development.


Some of the best features of Ember includes two-way data binding where model and view will always be in sync, quick server side rendering using Fastboot.js, performance improvement and easier learning for beginners.


Ember is used for convention over configuration that means as a developer of Ember, you don’t need to focus on configuration much. You just need to keep adding unique features to your project and rest of the stuff will be handled by Ember.





best javascript framework

Node JS is the most popular JavaScript Frameworks. Node JS is an open source server side JavaScript Framework. You can run Node JS on various platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. due to its cross platform nature.


Node JS was developed in 2009. So we can say that it is also one of the oldest JavaScript Web Application Framework.


Node JS is Fast, Asynchronous & event driven, Single threaded, highly scalable and Open Source JavaScript Framework. It offers data in chunk without buffering. So application becomes faster.


Some of the big brands like eBay, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Paypal, Uber, and Yahoo are using Node JS due to the awesome features.


You can use Node JS in I/O bound applications, Data Streaming Applications, single page applications and wherever you need to load fast data.





top javascript framework

Meteor JS is among one of the few JavaScript frameworks which come with lots of features for backend development, front end development as well as database implementations. Meteor JS was released in 2012 and since that time, it is keep on growing more and more.


Due to the full stack nature of Meteor, the development of any web or mobile application can be done easily using JavaScript. When you change any single thing in the database, it will reflect quickly on UI as well in Meteor.


You can use Meteor JavaScript Framework for every kind of software development life cycle. Some of the additional tasks such as linking, files concatenation and some other task which are really necessary or any application can be done by Meteor.


Though Meteor is not suitable for the very complex project, companies like Mazda, IKEA, and some others are using it for real time application development.




Which is the Best JavaScript Framework?

So, in order to conclude the entire article I can say that no particular framework is perfect in all way. Every framework has their features and disadvantages. Your selection should be based on the requirements of your project and its needs. Whichever framework matches best to your requirements is the best JavaScript framework for you.


There are many JavaScript Frameworks in the market. It is not possible to list them all here and explain about them. So I have just listed Best JavaScript Frameworks here. You can choose as per the need and experience.


Feel Free to share this post with your friends and let them know about these awesome and most popular JavaScript Frameworks.


Feel free to share your suggestions and experience with our readers. Which framework tops your list when it comes to app development?


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