web design principle

In short, web design principle means the general rules of design and it’s basic guidelines for media design.


The design is not just how good it looks, the design is how it works and response as well.


Let’s take some time and discuss what is the principle of web design.


1) Usability:

Usability is the measure of the quality of user experience when interacting with product or system.


Users would be interesting in using your website when you have high usability.


Means your website must be containing easy navigations and other actions so that user could comfortably configure out where to click to get information that he/she is looking for on your website.


2) Consistency:

Consistency is something that every user needs.


While designing a website, your main aim should maintain consistency which plays a vital role to build a relationship between users and site. It is also responsible for building a relationship between every element within the website.


Why is Consistent Web Design Important?

Maintaining consistency over the whole things within site is important. Rather than only thinking about its visuality and how to keep the design look consistent. Instead, you should also keep design pattern and behavior constant.


While designing website keeps your users in mind who going to interact with your site. Keep inputs, animations, and other elements simpler as much as you can. If you are making it complicated for any self-reason, your are going to lose your users for sure.


3) Efficiency:

When it comes to a use a website, users always want to see an easy one.


Efficiency of website is very important


As a web designer, you should better know that user could be non-technical also. The website should be easy for them. Where they are within the website and how they could jump from one page to other.


So, it’s all upon you to letting know people how efficiently they can use your site that leads the high usability.


So, keep your website design layout simple, easy to navigate and good color combination so that users could feel comfortable while using your website.


4) Relevancy:

Whether it is a design of website or content within it, everything should be relevant to your business. If you put unnecessary stuff in your site, visitors may not like it and chances of never looking back to your website will increase.


5) Purpose:

One of the fundamental web design principle. Yes, you must have a clear purpose.


As you know, purpose can be anything. So, do proper research on your requirement before start development. Make it clear, What kind of design would be better for your requirement. Is your design going to be user-friendly? Why you are developing a website. Who all are going to visit your site and why. These things you should keep in your mind before getting started.


If your purpose is clear, your development is going to be easy and fast and website will be more engaging.


6) Responsive Design: Google Recommended Web Design Principle

Important web design principle as well as google recommended. The number of website user over mobile devices has increased significantly.


So, If you are going to build a website for your business and have a target audience, make it responsive. Because a user can open your website using any devices. It could be mobile, tablet, or desktop. So, make your website compatible for all screen size.


7) Easy to understand:

Suppose you are writing an informative article or selling a product on your website, and those contents are easy to figure out to your users. Visitors would be keep coming to your website for sure.


So it’s very important to keep your web page stuff clean and easy to understand.


8) Memorability:

Undoubtedly you would like to have your visitors on your website again and again. To make your website incredibly memorable, it must have a small and relevant name, valuable contents, services, and products in your niche for that users are looking for.


9) Subjective Satisfaction:

This is the most useful thing of the website for that people comes to. So, it’s important to provide your customer’s exactly same information in your niche that they are looking for. Always deliver valuable stuff to your readers and customers for better usability.


10) Error Frequency:

Yes, it comes under web design principle. This is the term that you should keep very low. Less error frequency means high usability and more chances of.


Final Words:

All above-written web design principles are not only for developers as well as for non-developers who are planning to get a website. If you are going to hire a web developer, ask them to follow these principles of web design. Let me know how helpful is this article for you through comment. It will be appreciating for me as well as for our readers.


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